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Фотосессия для малыша 3-12 месяцев

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Пасхальная фотосессия с кроликами

Professional photo session for babies from 3 to 12 months.

All-inclusive photo session, no preparation required!
The photographer provides all the necessary accessories and props, taking into account the wishes in the subject and color scheme.
It is supposed to focus on shooting the baby, if you wish, you can make portraits with parents, older children.


The cost of the service package is $ 200 . cost 50 $. ->

& middot; & nbsp; All shooting is carried out in a single color key (color palette is agreed).

& middot; & nbsp; Laconic portraits of the baby, 2 looks with clothes and props.

& middot; & nbsp; Photo session lasting 50 minutes. Studio rent is included in the price.

& middot; & nbsp; You will receive all photos in color correction (70-100 photos) within a few days.

& middot; & nbsp; 20 photos in processing. Photo for processing is chosen by the photographer or parents. Photo processing time is 2 weeks.

& middot; & nbsp; Printing a photobook 24 x 24 cm, 10 spreads, cardboard, photo cover

& middot; & nbsp; The book is launched for printing after approval of the layouts, printing 10 working days.