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Preparing for a newborn photo session

Preparing for a newborn photo session

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Dear Parents!

The key to successful shooting is the comfort of the baby and the trust between the photographer and the parents. Our goal is a sleeping, calm baby who is warm and well fed, he is relaxed and you can make a lot of posing and beautiful photos. Portfolio and details about newborn photographer is here.

1. We need near two-three hours for the photo session, including feeding/changing clothes, etc. I recommend feeding your baby before session.

2. Shooting at home - I bring everything we need to your house. It is important that the room is warm for baby.

3. Please prepare clothes for parents and older children in light, nude shades for family photos.

4. Better to have a pacifier just in case. Even if you don't, just for these couple of hours of shooting! If the baby sleeps lightly and is looking for a breast all the time, the pacifier will help to take more photos and comfortably shoot for the baby. If necessary, you can always feed the baby.

5. Let your newborn baby stay awake for about an hour before the photographer arrives, if its possible. Do everything as on normal days, calmly and relaxed. The most important thing is to tell yourself that this day will be good and joyful!

6.Ask any questions you are interested in and share with your photographer information about the personality of the baby.

7. don't worry about flaking skin, rashes. All this can be easily editing in Photoshop. Prepare a few diapers and a hair brush.

8.I pay attention to cleanliness - changeable clothes, all fabrics and things are washed and steamed, I use an antiseptic. Posing I do those in which I am 100% sure of safety. I myself am a mother, who once had a photo session for a small, newborn daughter, I remember this thrill and desire to work with a small baby carefully and tenderly. I always remember this experience, put myself in the shoes of my mother and work as I would with my child.


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